How can collaboration between the school and home look like?

The collaboration between home, school and mother tongue teachers is an important part in multilingual development. The learning environment is also of great importance in developing the child's language. Knowledge, creativity and willingness to new encounters are crucial! So you ought to consider the following:

  • All AAC used in the school environment should be used together with the mother tongue. The mother tongue teacher needs access to AAC tools and also knowledge of how these are used.
  • Basic content for mother tongue classes should be planned jointly by the teacher from the pupil's school and the mother tongue teacher. In this way, current topics from school lessons can be reinforced by mother-tongue teaching.
  • The parents know much about their children's language skills in their mother tongue. They should be asked about it and encouraged to contribute with key issues or events in the child's life that may enrich the mother-tongue teaching.